Lyf Squad

Edward Wittenberg


Edward Wittenberg joined lyf in early 2014 when his private investment company provided the seed capital required for lyf’s development. "I went through some personal struggles about ten years ago. I would have loved to have had something like lyf back then. When you’re struggling, just having someone say “I get it” can make a significant difference to your day." In addition to steering lyf towards a direction solely dedicated to personal struggles, Edward oversees the development of all aspects of the platform including an emphasis upon UX, cultivating a community and attracting content previously considered too personal for social media.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Marty Jonas


Marty Jonas joined lyf in December 2013. He was strongly drawn to the idea of building a beautiful digital space that supported real people through the highs and lows of everyday life: "We all achieve more and become more when we are supported by others, especially when times get tough". Marty joined lyf with the primary roles of product development, design and branding. Marty previously worked as a primary school teacher and then embarked on a career change into the design industry before co-founding lyf.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Elisa Pertzel

App Manager

Elisa Pertzel joined the lyf team in early 2014, and is now App Manager. She is responsible for managing and coordinating all elements of product development and coding including UI design as well as end user testing. It was the opportunity of helping transform lyf from an idea into an app that can really help people, which appealed to Elisa. “We’ve created a space where users share very personal aspects of themselves to a supportive community, it’s truly rewarding!” Prior to working at lyf, she was employed by Melbourne media analysis start up Mediaverse, following her degree in Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Mick Byrne


We Make Apps
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Fahad Khalil


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Abdul Mannan


Location: New York, USA

Jawad Zafar


Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Claudia Crooks


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Stephanie Klaesi

Online Community Manager

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Nikki Douglas

Social Media Manager

Location: Florida, USA

Steve Arbabi

Content Monitoring

Location: California, USA


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