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Edward Wittenberg joined Incogo/lyf in early 2014 when his private investment company provided the seed capital required for Incogo’s development. The idea of bringing substance to social media is what attracted him. "Social media was originally created so that people can share the things they are actually doing in real life with their friends. Somehow it’s evolved into something different so, in that sense, Incogo aspires to bring social media back to its roots." Prior to his involvement in EGW Investments, Edward enjoyed a successful career in aviation. Despite his obviously advancing years, Edward attempts to re-live his teenage sporting glory days by pretending he is only just beginning to enter his prime.

Edward Wittenberg


Marty Jonas joined Incogo/ lyf in December 2013. The thought of building an online space that could bring about the best in people enticed him: "We all achieve more and become more when we are supported by others, that's why I felt Incogo was so special". Marty joined Incogo/lyf with the primary roles of product development, design and branding. Prior to his involvement, Marty founded award winning design, signage and print business, SnapMedia in 2010. Currently, as a side project, Marty is in the midst of restoring a 1966 Alfa Romeo despite clearly having no idea whatsoever about restoration.

Marty Jonas


Elisa joined the Incogo/lyf team in early 2014 as the Design & Operations Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating UI/UX design, product development, end user testing and office management. It was the opportunity of helping to transform Incogo/lyf from an idea into a product that appealed to Elisa. Prior to working at Incogo/lyf, she was employed by media analysis start up, Mediaverse. Outside of her work, Elisa is a passionate urban explorer who entertains others by rarely failing to become lost.

Elisa Pertzel

Product Development Manager

Mick Byrne is the co-owner of award winning agency We Make Apps, who have been helping develop the Incogo/lyf app since early 2015. "Working with the lyf team has been one of the most rewarding, and at times challenging, projects our agency has worked on. It's great to have a client that is prepared to continue pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve, but at the same time is always open to our suggestions. We love the lyf app and we're all keen users ourselves." Aside from app development Mick enjoys politics, soccer, quantum physics, literature, cooking, poker, arthouse cinema and life in general.

Mick Byrne

We Make Apps

Fahad Khalil is Principal Engineer at GrayMath, who have been helping develop the Incogo/lyf platform since early 2014. He is a passionate software/dev-ops engineer with specialization in setting-up and maintaining highly available infrastructures. Fahad loves the concept of Incogo/lyf because of its closed community and privacy. Being an engineer responsible for designing/ developing the infrastructure, it gives him a unique comfort that his data is not being analyzed to decide what advertisement he is supposed to see next. In his down time Fahad is an avid computer gamer, off-road driving enthusiast and a pro-camper.

Fahad Khalil


Abdul Mannan is Co-Principal of GrayMath, who have been helping develop the Incogo/lyf platform since early 2014. He is a passionate software engineer who has loved building and growing Incogo/lyf from the ground up; as it has provided him with enough challenge to fulfill his appetite for knowledge. When Mannan is not behind the computer he loves spending his spare time outdoors and playing soccer.

Abdul Mannan



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